Why does Liberty and Things Exist?

Liberty and Things is an online liberty store dedicated to spreading the message of freedom by creating and distributing world-class libertarian products.

Freedom is an essential human right. Protecting individuals right to life, liberty and property is of paramount importance. Societies that restrict political or economic freedom lag behind those societies that embrace liberty. For a better tomorrow, we need more freedom today.

How we spread freedom:

Liberty and Things educates people about the truth. Let’s face it, almost nobody in America was ever assigned a reading written by Bastiat, Hazlitt or Mises while they were in school. These great thinkers have a large audience today due to their one distinct advantage: the truth.

We teach key points from great libertarian works and highlight current events ways that anybody can understand. Through writing articles, blog posts and making educational videos; we take the facts presented by the media and give the correct interpretation based on sound principles of Austrian (free-market) economics.

Learn Liberty. Shop Things.

Right now there are few reputable options that make libertarian products and artwork to express the philosophy of freedom. Liberty and Things has solved this problem. We work with the best artists to create a wide-variety of libertarian artwork to keep alive the legacy of the worlds greatest thinkers. Surround your room, home or office with inspirational pictures and artwork.  Shop at our online libertarian store, let your art spark new conversations and further the promise of political and economic freedom.

Don’t see what you want? Let us know! We can make anything (our artists are that good.)